Frequently Asked Questions

Leases can be emailed to you by contacting or call us at 226-377-7777 for other options.

You must provide us with a rental application and last month’s rent payment. We also need a parent or guardian to fill out the guarantor form, attached to the lease.

Rent is paid on the first of each month by direct withdrawals from the bank account of your choice or with postdated cheques. If your rent payment bounces, you will need to come to our office within 3 days with a cheque for the rent amount plus $25.00 for the insufficient funds fee as outlined in your lease agreement. Arrears of rent shall bear interest at the rate of 2% per month compounded monthly, calculated from the date upon which rent is due until paid and such interest shall b deemed as rent hereunder.

Prior to moving into a property, we require that you book a move in appointment with the office (only 1 appointment per group is necessary).  There will be a move-in acknowledgement form that you can review with the representative and sign to ensure everything is in order. At this time, we will provide you with your front door access code and a bedroom door key (if you have purchased this).  We ask that all outstanding paperwork be handed in at this time as well. 

If you lose your keys during the year, please call the office and we will order you a new pair or see if we have some in stock. There is a $20 charge if you come to the office to pick up a new copy of the key.  If you require us to drop off a key (during business hours only) there will be a $40 charge. 

If you get locked out of your unit/bedroom please call the office or if it is after hours call the after-hours line and we will have someone come over to let you in. There is a standard $40 fee for all lockouts. If you require a new key at this time as well, there will be a $20 key fee. 

Before tenants move out of the units, we will inspect them, so we can make note of any repairs that need to be done.  At the time of the inspection, you can hand over all keys to the representative. 

If, for any reason, you do not want to continue your lease you will need someone to replace you for the remainder of your lease tern OR you can find a sublet for the remainder of the contract.  A full lease assignment removes you from any contractual agreements with Luxury Student Rentals Inc. and the replacement will sign their own lease. For sublets, you and your guarantor are still obligated to complete the lease and lease payments with us – your replacement would pay you while you would continue to pay us monthly. If you can’t find a replacement tenant and move out, you and your guarantor are obligated for lease payments to the end of the lease agreement.

Yes, you are able to sublet your unit out for the months that you will not be there.  The sublet must be approved by the landlord and a $250 administration fee will be assessed.

Once you have found a sublet, they will need to fill out the sublet agreement, which can be emailed to you, by contacting us at The form needs to be brought back to the office and signed off by one of the Luxury Student Rentals Inc. representatives.

If you have any maintenance issues, please go to and submit a request or email us directly at This request allows us to legally enter your unit so it MUST be completed even if you have called in the issue. It also helps us keep proper records of all issues so yours does not get lost or forgotten!  Unless it is an emergency (such as a leak or fire), requests are processed each morning and completed as quickly as possible by our maintenance crew. We work hard to have issues resolved within 48hrs.

Call Luxury Student Rentals Emergency after hours line at 226-377-7777 ext 2. Please only use this line if you have a maintenance concern that cannot wait until the next business day.


If your lease does not include utilities, one person in your group will have to call each utility and set up an account for the building. That person should also organize to collect the equal amounts from all roommates and remit timely payment. You should order your utilities in advance so they are available when you move in. 

London Hydro: 1-519-661-5503!/contact_us

Union Gas: 1-888-774-3111

Bell Canada: 1-866-768-1198

Rogers: 1-866-210-4059

INSURANCE: Tenant liability insurance is something you may want to invest in. It normally covers theft and fire. Talk with your parents or guarantors to see if they can add a rider to their contents insurance policy.

If you are having troubles with your roommate’s try and talk to them and let them know you are having issues. You can also set up a meeting as a whole group and go over some of the issues. If you still are having serious problems and cannot come to a compromise within your group you can contact the office to go over the option of being removed from your lease obligations or finding a sublet to take over your lease.