Maintenance Request

If you see FIRE, please call 911 immediately!

For Emergency Maintenance only, please call 519-433-7377 for any of the following:

Examples of Emergency Maintenance

  • Flooding / Unstoppable Leaks
  • Toilet Overflowing
  • Lock outs
  • Loss of Heat
  • Loss of Hydro
  • Key code problems

Examples of Non-Emergency Maintenance

  • An interior door doesn’t close properly
  • A stove element is burnt out
  • The kitchen sink has a slow drain
  • There is a minor leak in the roof
  • There is a minor leak or dripping in household plumbing
  • A garage door opener is not working, but manual access is still available
  • There is a cracked pane in an upper window

For non-emergency maintenance requests, complete the following form to have a Luxury Student Rentals representative contact you for further arrangements.