Property Management for Investors

Luxury Student Rentals Inc. was founded primarily to manage student rental properties for investors.

The principals behind Luxury Student Rentals Inc. have primarily focused on the management of student rental investment properties for more than 14 years. The same passion and attention to detail that goes into developing a quality product is extended to managing the property.

With leadership that understands the importance of maximizing profit and minimizing cost, Luxury Student Rentals Inc. offers investors a unique partnership to generate expected ROI through the following services.

  • Marketing and Leasing
    • On-campus advertising with partners at Western University
    • Commissioned leasing agents
    • Student Referral Program
    • Extensive social media engagement – go where the students go
    • Show properties to students and parents
    • Prepare lease agreements and collect deposits
    • Signed  Parental Lease Guarantors for each tenant
    • 12 month leases – no vacancy gaps
  • Business Operations
    • Rental revenue management and accounting
    • Electronic Funds Transfer services
    • Pay disbursements on your behalf from rental payments
    • Dispute resolution
  • Facilities Maintenance
    • 24 -7 emergency response team
    • Manage all necessary repairs and maintenance activities
    • Acquire your permission for expenditures beyond agreed upon limits
    • Work with approved list of contractors
    • Carry out house inspections at agreed intervals
    • Enforce municipal compliance and safety regulations
    • Manage move-ins, cleaning and trash removal